Beth has a growing business
While waiting for a flight at O’Hare, Beth has a sandwich at Prairie Tap and gets a double espresso at Starbucks Coffee. After arriving in Des Moines, she meets with her biggest account and hears the local “foodie buzz” about the Gateway Market & Café. She heads over to Gateway for a look and to celebrate the giant new order her client placed.

Back in Chicago, Beth meets her banker for dinner at Brazzaz to expand her business line of credit. Beth calls PARACHIN to help plan her office needs and create a fresh new corporate image. PARACHIN knows what to do because they did the same thing for Schuler Shook.

Where would Beth be today without PARACHIN?

“I have to admit that at first I was a little skeptical about your design concepts, but after seeing them implemented, I applaud you on your vision.”

B. H. Newton,
Program Manager,
GECapital Global
Services Operation

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